Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turn Left - Little Dragon

Been a while since the last post (gotta love the way life works sometimes), so let's kick it back off with a good one, shall we? In particular, I like the almost elevator music meets Napoleon Dynamite style, especially with Yukimi Nagano's voice on top of it all.

Cop the self-titled Little Dragon album, you'll thank me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shine A Little Love - ELO

You've heard of ELO, you just didn't know it. Mr. Blue Sky ring a bell? How about Don't Bring Me Down? Thought so. If you like strings in your rock, and funky basslines to match, this song will be right up your alley.

P.S. Daylight savings sucks.

Grab the Shine A Little Love (Album Version), and make your playlist a little bit better.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Keep Up feat. Haley Small - Treasure Fingers

Late '80s/early '90s sound? Check. Catchy vocals? Check. Talkbox? Double check. Treasure Fingers has been around for a while, but this single really caught my attention. From what I've gathered, not many people have heard this song yet, so hop on board and enjoy some new sounds.

Oh, and if you don't have this in your collection, pick the up Keep Up feat. Haley Small mp3.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Together - Magnetic Soul

If you're into groovy music, look no farther than Magnetic Soul. It's got everything you need, trust me.

 Not sure if/when this one's going to have an official release, but I hope it's soon!

Back On The Block feat. C.L. Smooth - Pete Rock

One of my favorites from the legendary Pete Rock, and it just so happens that shuffle brought it to my attention while filling out paperwork. Perfect amounts of soul with a catchy hook from C.L. Smooth and drums to match, you can't go wrong listening to this one.

If you're into hip hop in the slightest, you shouldn't be without the Petestrumentals album.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Strange Arrangement - Mayer Hawthorne


Quick change of pace, here's some mellow music! Mayer's got a great voice that I think captures the '60s quite well. I grew up listening to the oldies since it was the only station that would come in clearly on my antenna-less radio, so hearing a new(er) artist pull off this style made me happy.

If you like this, there's more where that came from on the A Strange Arrangement album.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The New Pollution - Beck


I'm sure there's a deeper meaning to this song that can be interpreted in quite a few different ways. For me, I like to sit back and let my mind wander, often times coming to different conclusions. I really enjoy the sax (at 1:28), it makes me feel like I'm drifting along in space.

What a coincidence! That sax line was actually sampled from Venus, by Joe Thomas.

Well, Dear Reader, it looks like you get two for the price of one today, let me know what you think!

If you liked The New Pollution, be sure to check out the album it's from, Odelay.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bigmouth Strikes Again - The Smiths

I wasn't sure what to pick as one of today's songs, so I clicked the shuffle button and let MediaMonkey work its magic. Of course, The Smiths! How could I forget? Although nobody loves Morrissey more than Morrissey, that doesn't negate how classic of a song this is.

And if this song doesn't cut it for you, you're bound to like something off of the The Queen is Dead album.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Funkin' For The Thrill - George Duke

Feelgood music at it's finest, from one of my favorite funk masters (could I fit anymore 'f' words in there?). Have a nice weekend everybody!

Check out the rest of the Follow the Rainbow album if you like this classic joint.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crunk De Gaulle feat. Busdriver, TTC, & D-Styles - edIT


What happens when you pair glitch master edIT with four brilliant rappers and a DJ who's been called the Jimi Hendrix of scratching? This song, and it couldn't have been done any better. Listen, and take your own opinion away from it, but I'll tell you this much - you're in for a ride.

If you like it, you should check out the rest of the Certified Air Raid Material album. You won't be disappointed.

Raw Cuts #4 - Motor City Drum Ensemble

This is by far one of my favorite house albums. I'm not even going to go into subgenres, it's not worth it, but it's definitely house. I like the almost unidentifiable vocal sample along with the keys in the back. Smooth music that should be in your collection if you're a house fan.

Check out the rest of the Raw Cuts Vol. 1 album. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mr. Scruff - Music Takes Me Up

Shuffle has served me well yet again, here's a classic song by Mr. Scruff. Upbeat drums, catchy vocals, and a jazzy piano riff make for an instant favorite.

If you like it, check out the rest of the Ninja Tuna album!

Princess Toadstool - FLYamSAM

Clearly the shuffle feature on my computer is broken if I'm listening to another piece that Flying Lotus had his hand in (see previous post for details). Or is this a sign?

In this collaboration project, FlyLo teamed up with Samiyam to produce some soulful electronics that I think anybody could kick back to. One thing that stands out to me in this song is the synth - it's reminiscent of an old Nintendo, but has this buzz to it that rings beautifully on a nice set of speakers (or headphones, if that's what you've got on you).

What stands out to you?

P.S. I'd give you a link to an album to check out, but there is none! I heard it was supposed to come out sometime last year, but apparently that never happened.

Massage Situation - Flying Lotus

This is easily one of my favorite songs. The drums, the sample, everything fits together so perfectly to make for a song you can close your eyes to and drift away in. What do you think?

Like this song? Check out the Reset EP it's from!


I've gotten a couple e-mails over the past few days asking me what kind of music I listen to. The short answer is "everything", and yes, sometimes even Country! Er, sometimes. Each day I'll be posting a song (or however many) I'm listening to, along with a description of why I like it. Taste is subjective, so I know everyone won't like anything, but if you hang around long enough, you're bound to like something!